Duplicate ride issues on Strava

I have recently seen three examples of duplicate rides on Strava, owing to the rider recording the ride both on s conventional Garmin, and also on a wristwatch device. Usually, Strava normally doesn’t allow duplicate rides. I thin, however, there is a logical gap in their thinking – each ride has a unique serial number,Continue reading “Duplicate ride issues on Strava”

Merging Strava and Garmin ride files to create complete courses

A while ago, I posted an example of how to edit .gpx and .tcx files when there might have been a small corruption of the ride file preventing it from being uploaded to Strava. See it at  http://www.briansutton.uk/?p=330. This post concerns the situation when you have been on a long ride, and the battery on your first Garmin Edge (orContinue reading “Merging Strava and Garmin ride files to create complete courses”