6Points Formentera, Oct 2019 – full version

This video is about the 6Points cycling trip to Formentera on 5th Oct 2019. It’s is a more detailed record of our visit than my previous shorter video, and includes GoPro clips from my bike, as well as photos taken along the way.

Although it was only 70kms or so of cycling, and not very hilly, all of us on the ride agreed that it was a great day out. By visiting the north, east, south and western compass points of the island, as well as the highest point, and dipping our bikes in the sea to recognise the lowest altitude of our ride, we saw most of the island from several viewpoints.

I discovered, while putting the video together, that at least two of the lighthouses at compass point locations, Far de La Mola in the east and , and Far de Barbaria in the south, have some interesting claims to fame, as well as Formentera itself having something of a “hippie” reputation. I knew that Ibiza is regarded by some as a “clubbing” island (video in preparation!) but I didn’t know of Formentera’s background.

Next to the Far de La Mola lighthouse is a 1978 monument in honour of the writer Jules Verne’s birth in 1828, for the mention of it he makes in his book “Hector Servadac (travels and adventures through the solar system)”.

The lighthouse at Cap de Barbaria, the southernmost point of Formentera, is the setting for the film “Lucía y el sexo” (Sex and Lucía) by director Julio Medem.

Our tip to the easternmost point at Can Marroig took us through the Ses Salines natural reserve, land acquired from the owners of the farm and properties there, once home to vineyards set up after the disruption of French vineyards caused by phylloxera plague. And back in the day, the original hippie crowd, such as Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin, came here in the ’60s.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Our 6Points cycling trip to Formentera, October 5th 2019

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