Mallorcan suffering!

Once again Strava has failed to upload to FaceBook (although it should), and Tacx on the iPad won’t upload at all (it’s not designed to). So here are my screenshots of the second, very hilly half of the Tacx Mallorca Ironman course, from Pollensa, up the mountains and down the other side. Max 9% both up and down! 22km in 1 hr 1 min and 15 secs averages about 13.5mph. Another 600 calories spent – allows me a glass of wine this evening! I have to say the Tacx Genius with iPad (can use a laptop too) is a brilliant system to make turbo riding more interesting. Not completely realistic as I go at 50kph downhill round the hairpins…but the 10-15kph up the hills is totally realistic and very hard work! Look along the bottom of the picture for the instantaneous speed, power, cadence, heart rate, calories burnt, slope and all the averages so far.
image image image image image image image image



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