Strava and athlete training plans

After my ride yesterday with Gavin Blackburn, and looking at the Strava version of the parameters of that ride: I noticed a suggestion in my Strava feed to “Mix Up Your Training” and improve segment performance through their training plans. Clicking on the suggestion leads to this Strava blog page: Cycling Workout of the WeekContinue reading “Strava and athlete training plans”

Popular science isn’t so scientific

There has recently been a lot of speculation and unsupported assertions about gravitational waves, cosmic inflation and multiverses (e.g. Then this book “Farewell to Reality” by Jim Baggott turned up! I guess I’ll read the book before commenting in detail, but this review seems interesting, and would suggest my cynicism about the presentation ofContinue reading “Popular science isn’t so scientific”

Thoughts on Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon

Jupiter in conjunction, as they say, with the moon on February 3rd, in a totally clear sky here in Scotland! Not great pictures by handheld camera, but just to draw attention to the show in the sky! One picture showing how close an angle they are at in the sky (although separated by hundreds ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon”