Sobremunt, the hardest climb in Mallorca

A new video with more action from my GoPro Session, and music from David Guetta. It’s 18 minutes, but I hope you can spare the time to take a look!

A newly created iMovie version of my Sobremunt GoPro and iPhone material

A day out achieving a recent ambition, to climb Sobremunt, Es Verger, generally accepted as the hardest climb in Mallorca, particularly from the south side. On the descent, I took in lunch at Esporles, and then climbed Es Grau and Galilea (with the usual coke, coffee and Magnum stop at Café Sa Plaça!) and completed the loop down to Es Capdella back to Costa de la Calma.

It was a lovely ride with terrific views, as you will see from the video collage below, which is a 2 minute video collage of photographs taken around the loop, including passing through Calvia, the Sobremunt climb itself, Esporles (for lunch), the Es Grau climb, Puigponent, the Galilea climb (and a reward snack) finishing with the descent to Es Capdella and home.

A photo collage of my round trip, from Costa de la Calma to Calvia, Sobremunt, Esporles, Es Grau, Puigponent, Galilea, Es Capdella and back

Both GCN and Mallorca Cycle Shuttle rate this climb as “The Hardest Climb in Mallorca” and it’s easy to see why, especially after riding it! GCN (Global Cycling Network) deputed young Tom Last to do it for them!

Tom Last and the boys at GCN went up there too!

I took some similar snapshots at the top to show that I did the same climb as Tom Last!

I really did go up to the same place as Tom Last of GCN!

Also see my later post, “A new look at Sobremunt, the hardest climb in Mallorca“, which focuses on Sobremunt in more detail, and has the climb profile and maps, as well as my (slightly embarrassing) Strava “performance” stats!

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