6Points Mallorca 2019 Day 1

My rider view of Day 1 (the hilliest day!) of the 6Points Mallorca May 2019, organised by Bryan Visser, with my group (one of four) led by Philip Crawford. The whole day was about 165kms, with 3500m of climbing. We rode from Santa Ponça to Sant Elm to the most westerly point of Mallorca, andContinue reading “6Points Mallorca 2019 Day 1”

Sunday 8th Dec 6Points Mallorca Watopia Waistband!

Hello Sunday Zwift 6Pointers! Our Zwift training ride is on as usual at 11.40am UTC on Sunday (see link). It’s not such a tough one, 2 laps of the Zwift Watopia Waistband, flatter than all official routes except Tempus Fugit and Tick Tock. The only noticeable uphills are the rise outside of Saddle Springs, the ramp out ofContinue reading “Sunday 8th Dec 6Points Mallorca Watopia Waistband!”