Zwift’s “difficulty setting”

Here’s a very interesting article with, for me, some initially counter-intuitive outcomes – until I thought about it more. For context, I’m using the Smart Tacx Flow as an alternative to my non-Smart i-Genius trainer (a contradiction in terms…).. The Flow goes up to 6% incline and 750W. No motor for downhill, but it DOESContinue reading “Zwift’s “difficulty setting””

Some Tacx, Zwift and turbo training learnings

Having used the Tacx non-smart i-Genius turbo trainer for a while, I have also been using my Tacx smart Flow trainer a lot recently. The Tacx Flow is great value, the lowest price Tacx trainer that is fully smart, i.e. ANT FE-C and Bluetooth bidirectional. Thus the trainer software (Tacx films or 3rd party likeContinue reading “Some Tacx, Zwift and turbo training learnings”

A visit to the Westerham Cyclery

Having seen this excellent blog post on Facebook about the Westerham Cyclery, and linked to it from there – I thought I should add my own pictures and very positive comments, having been hosted into hosted by their very friendly staff! I went there to meet up with a cycling Glasgow Green Cycle ClubContinue reading “A visit to the Westerham Cyclery”

Dobinson Rule #1 – don’t fall off your bike!

Well, I suppose it had to happen. I did have a little off on the Velodrome last year when an old, apparently perished but visually OK front tubular skidded down the track, but this was my first road fall. Last year it was just a few bruises, but this time it’s a couple of brokenContinue reading “Dobinson Rule #1 – don’t fall off your bike!”

About me

After a career with several organisations, broadly in IT, I now have more time to follow physics (mainly cosmology) and mathematics again, as well as reviving my cycling, and having more time for skiing. As I get older, I’m more relaxed about some things, and less patient with quite a few others! It seems quiteContinue reading “About me”

Strava and athlete training plans

After my ride yesterday with Gavin Blackburn, and looking at the Strava version of the parameters of that ride: I noticed a suggestion in my Strava feed to “Mix Up Your Training” and improve segment performance through their training plans. Clicking on the suggestion leads to this Strava blog page: Cycling Workout of the WeekContinue reading “Strava and athlete training plans”